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The 3D animated videos below represent our best work, and should be used to facilitate a conversation with your team of healthcare providers. None of the information should be taken as direct medical advice. If you would like to explore interactive 3D models of various conditions, click the button.

The journey begins

Introductory Videos


Meet our team and our treatment philosophy


Have a CT or MRI? This video will help you understand what your team will be reviewing with you

Pain generators

Back or neck pain? You are in good company. Watch this video before meeting with the team to understand "pain generators"--one of the most important concepts when deciding on a course of action

The cranial path

cranial videos

Brain Tumors

This video explains the differences between some of the more common brain tumors

Pituitary Tumors

You might be surprised at just how common these tumors are. But what are they? Click here to learn more

trigeminal neuralgia

Learn about some of the basics which will be helpful when talking to the team about this painful facial pain condition


Learn some of the basics about how neurosurgeons access the inside of the skull

Pituitary Tumor Surgery

Learn about how these tumors are removed (when necessary)

Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery

Click here to learn about this procedures to treat trigeminal neuralgia

Tumor removal surgery

Learn about some of the goals and what to expect with surgery to remove tumors

Chronic Subdural Hematomas

Learn about these conditions involving blood/fluid excess


This video explains the goals of shunting for hydrocephalus, how they work, and what to expect

The spinal path

spinal videos

Spinal Stenosis

"Stenosis" means narrowing. Watch this video to learn about what this might mean for you

Disc herniations

How is a disc like a grape? This isn't a bad neurosurgery joke. Just watch the video.


This is one of the most common spine surgeries. Learn what this means

microlubar discectomy

This video explains the procedure for removing a herniated disc fragment


What happens when the spinal column can't support the load it's carrying? Watch this video to learn more

Fusion surgery

this procedure is designed to provide additional stability to the spinal column. Click here to learn more about it

cervical stenosis, radiculopathy, and myelopathy

an overview of when the spinal cord or nerves in the neck are compressed


"Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion" this is one of the most common, and successful, procedures involving the spine. Click to learn more about it

posterior cervical surgery

procedures which can be performed through the back of the neck include laminectomies and fusions. This video explains a bit more about them